Galaxy S5 draws mixed reviews

Galaxy S5 draws mixed reviews

south korean Global Brand "Samsung" launched Galaxy 5 today.
Some said it focused on the simplicity,
others said it was lacking of innovative changes.
Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S5, which was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, on Monday, was a letdown for those who expected a much-hyped design makeover, but the key features -– a built-in heart rate sensor and a fingerprint scanner -– were notable, a number of tech news outlets reported.

“Galaxy S5 shapes up to be an excellent device that
will keep Samsung at or near the top of the smartphone heap,” it said.
Wired magazine also cast doubts on the gadget’s complete overhaul.
It noted that it’s faster, waterproof and capable of capturing UHD video,
 but questioned, “Is it enough to warrant applause?”

Stressing the advanced technology of the heart-rate sensor, it said that Apple engineers will “kick themselves for not adding the feature sooner” on their device. Media widely took note of the extended battery life, which has long been considered one of the Galaxy line’s flaws. The fingerprint scanner that enables users to make mobile payments and 16-megapixel camera were well received by tech experts and media. “Notably one (key feature) is photography,” Wired said. “The Galaxy S5 has a 16-megapixel camera that, alongside a simpler user interface redesign, includes two interesting features: real-time high-dynamic range photography and video capture, and post-processing focus alteration.”

The New York Times gave credit to Samsung for keeping the smartphone simple and focused, compared with the “gimmicky” Galaxy S4 that was “jam-packed with all kinds of new software features.” “Samsung must have made a New Year’s resolution to stay more focused,” the newspaper said.

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