GDP of Korea is ranked to 15th in world.

GDP of Korea is ranked to 15th in world.

The occupied market share of 60% in smartphone by Samsung Galaxy, the 5th
ranked automobile sales volume by Hyundai Motors in the world, and LG competing
the top of sales volume in TV & refrigerator with Samsung are all Korean brand.
'Gangnam style' swept whole world is also a Korea music.

GDP (Gross domestic product) is used as an index of worldwide economic activity.
On the basis of GDP, America the 1st, China the 2nd and Japan the 3rd.
From the 4th Germany, France, England, Brazil, Russia, Italia, Canada, India,
Australia, Spain, Mexico in the order and Korea the 15th in world economic.
Reference ▶ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(nominal)

Korea is divided into South and North.
But the 15 of world economic is South Korea.
Every news concerning danger, communism and nuclear-weapon state of media
including is only related to North Korea, not South Korea.

North Korea is unbelievably poor. It is because of no economic activity.
On the contrary, you can find more brilliant nights than
Japan or New York in South Korea.

Below Korea, ranked to 15th in world economic, there are Netherlands, Swiss,
Sweden, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Finland and Greece etc.,
many European nations.

How do you feel about Korea?
Do you feel South Korea is also a dangerous and
poor country only because of exciting news of North Korea?
Maybe, Korea would be far richer and
safer than your country and most Korean would also be richer than you.
As a simple evidence, please take a look the KOREAN DYNAMIC MORNING with
full of energy every simple day.

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