heejun han, brodie and Top 10 of Kpop star3 finally distinguished

heejun han, brodie and Top 10 of Kpop star3 finally distinguished

Kpop star3 has been broadcasted the 14th series by now among 20 series totally.
And the Top 10 at last were decided through a lot of auditions and competitions
among the 100,000 participants from the preliminary.
Top 10 includes 10 teams of
Almeng, Zzari Montang, Bernard Park, Kwuan JiNa,
Sam Kim, Han HeeJun, Chang HanNa, Bae MiNa, Nam YeongJu, Something.
Personally, I suppose the champion could be
found among Almeng, Zzari Montang and Bernard Park.

Especially, Han HeeJun is a star ranked to Top 9 in American Idol 2012.
In America he was very known to people, his records were published and could
manage his smooth life, but basically he is a Korean and wanted to drive his
music life in Korea, so he has been participated
Kpop star3 and finally reached to Top 10 in Kpop star3.

By the way, the attention focused Brodie was dropped out.
She showed 'Sunny' of 'Boney M' in a funky sort of rhythm,
but regretfully because of unstable key and unskilled choreography
she dropped out. The reason maybe depends on her age of 11 years old.
But nobody can deny her brilliant future through her proven ability at this event.
Instant viewing of Brodie's video : http://tvcast.naver.com/v/126842/list/11991

Now the competition is almost on the final stage among 20 series in total.
The singers of Top 10 have to pass the tournament in live broadcasting.
Who will catch the championship?

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