In the Sochi Olympics, You must become a fan of Kim Yu-na

In the Sochi Olympics, You must become a fan of Kim Yu-na

After 5 days, the Russia Sochi Winter Olympics will be held.
Korea has the great expectations to Kim Yu-na,
a member of the national team for figure skating.
Kim Yu-na, born in 1990. She already had been taken
gold medal in a figure skating on Vancouver Winter Olympics of Canada before 4 years.
And it's said, that she must be also a gold medalist in the Sochi Winter Olympics.

You can see the articles and big pictures of Kim Yu-na for introducing of
figure skating event at the main page of Winter Olympics of BBC.
BBC explains the prospect of British figure skating and British many medalists,
and focuses Kim Yu-na as a powerful gold medalist in figure skating event.
No mass media in a world raises objection to gold medal of Kim Yu-na.
It means no rival against her.

So many countries in a world are putting in a great deal of efforts for enormous
player excavation, supporting of courts & tax and enlargement of reward etc,
to take gold medal in figure skating, but it's said, that their taking of gold
medal would be possible just after the retirement of Kim Yu-na.
By glancing the video below, your suspicion would be vanished.

Kim Yu-na will terminate the title of a member of the national team with
the Sochi Olympics.
Return as a figure queen. And the last stage.
Kim Yu-na's history seems not to be broken easily.
Anyway, on the next Winter Olympics somebody will take the position of Kim Yu-na.

After the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014,
the Winter Olympics 2018 will be held in Korea.

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