K pop star 3, the ace of Antenna Music ace Hong, Jeong-Hee, dropped out

K pop star 3, the ace of Antenna Music ace Hong, Jeong-Hee, dropped out

The broadcasting yesterday about K pop star 3 was shocking.
Hong, Jeong-Hee, the ace of Antenna Music, was dropped out.
From this week, only one team from YG, JPY and Antenna Music sings a song,
and if any team ranked to the 3rd, then it must be absolutely dropped out.
K pop star 3 has been changed the rule into a so-called
"battle audition" style. Bae, Min-Ah from YB, Al-Meng from JYP and
Hong, Jeong-Hee from Antenna Music have been competed.

▲ Bae, Min-Ah of YG Entertainment

▲ Al-Meng of JYP Entertainment

▲ Hong, Jeong-Hee of Antenna Music

Hong, Jeong-Hee, casted by Antenna Music and trained by
Yu, Hee-Yeol, appealed remarkable singing ability,
but lost competition and failed to reach top 10.
Yu, Hee-Yeol, at the moment of hearing her dropping out,
only just shedded tears silently.
Yu, Hee-Yeol, after settling mind, said Hong, Jeong-Hee, "You did really
very good. I liked your attitude and singing very much. You have been learned
for 3 weeks from me, and later when you appear on the stage as a singer,
I will play piano for you. I'm sure we can meet again."

His saying made so many watchers to tear.
Now, Hong, Jeong-Hee, the participant in trial examination
last week as a ace of Antenna Music, has been dropped out.
Though the aces last week of YG and JYP have not been appeared yet,
but as the ace of Antenna Music is dropped out from top 10....
the shock is very big enough.

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