K-pop star 3 Brodie, How will be the destiny ?

K-pop star 3 Brodie, How will be the destiny ?

Last week, "Battle audition" of K pop star 3 has been started.
The strange dropping of the most excellent and potential front-runner,
Hong, Jeong-Hee of Antenna Music, had been occurred, and maybe the destiny
of Brodie would be decided at this broadcasting.
The nationality of Brodie of 10 years old girl is USA, her mom is Korean and her
papa is a mixed-blood of Spain and Finland, so she is also a mixed-blood child.

Brodie was cast with Al-Meng, the Korean mixed vocal duet,
through the collaborated stage by winning high praises altogether.
Al-Meng had a stage as a representative singer of JYP, and safely reached to
Top 10 through winning of Hong, Jeong-Hee of Antenna Music,
the female solo vocalist. Now it is Brodie's turn.

Indeed, Brodie can do reach Top 10 once again with Al-Meng
through showing a superb performance by rising above borderline and age?
K pop star season 3 is broadcasted at 5 pm every Sunday through Korean SBS.
This program is progressed with 20 series totally,
and the 13th series is broadcasted on this Sunday.