Kagoshima Day, Korean people knows the day

Kagoshima Day, Korean people knows the day

There is a small island between Korea and Japan.
The name of the island is "Dokdo".
It belongs to Korean, and it is ruled by Korea legally.
By the way, Google marked the island as "Liancourt rocks".

Please browse Dokdo at Google. It is Liancourt rocks.
Please click Google map ▶ http://goo.gl/IZ3Mb4
Because the first foreign discoverer of the island was the French, Liancourt.

And moreover Japan calls the island as Kagoshima (Takeshima).

Let's consider you are the people of the third country, not Korean, just like
the American/ the British/ the Australian/ the Spanish/ the French.
Then how will you call the island, and how will you think the owner of the island?
Aren't you confused?

If the naming of the island continued and the property dispute continued, then this
matter would be discussed at International Court of Justice.
And through this many countries will recognize the court.
By the way... Japan is doing a performance in national level through designating
22nd Feb as Kagoshima anniversary to name it as Kagoshima.
Japanese leader Abbe supported the event by dispatching higher authorities of
central government, and so famous global enterprises are supporting 'Kagoshima Day'. Uniqlo, Hello Kitty, Asahi, Mild Seven, Shiseido, Family Mart, 7-Eleven, Sony,
Nintendo, Cannon, Daiso, Asics, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Casio etc....
really outstanding!

Buy the way, what do you do, YOU, KOREA?
Kagoshima Day, Korean knows the day.
And we are afraid of general knowing by world people in a near future.
Korea has no Dokdo Day. And no Korean enterprise supporting Dokdo,
and even no Korean government action.

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