Korea is upset with Kim Yuna's low mark

Korea is upset with Kim Yuna's low mark

In spite of Kim Yuna's perfect performance,
Kim Yuna could only gain silver medal
because of different mark of Adelina Sotnikova caused
by Russian home advantage Russia.
Every Korean media is reporting a scoop broadcasting day by day,
"Though did perfect performance,
but lost gold medal to mistook Adelina Sotnikova". For this, not only Korea,
but also numerous foreign media raise a question about this shocking fact.

NBC, America : "Do you agree on the result?"
BBC, England : "Kim Yuna's performance was perfect, and nobody can do better."
ARD, Germany : raised strong doubt, "It's beyond our mind."
ABC, Australia : "People must avoid such event giving more mark to the mistook player."
CBC, Canada : "Of course, we predicted Kim Yuna's medal,
 but the color cannot be understandable."
AFP, Canada : "Kim Yuna's silver medal involves a lot of controversial issues."
Chicago Tribune : "Adelina Sotnikova should send champagne and caviar to judges."

Adelina Sotnikova at a interview with Russian media just after the event said,
“Judge is judge's duty. I never reinforced judges something”, and drew a line,
“I do not want take any question concerning to judge any more.
I did only perform my event.”

Korea is now very upset.
At an article reported in Naver, Korean portal site, more than 60 thousand
comments were written.
Even some movement of appealing to ISU (International Skating Union) exists.
As the homepage of ISU does not provide a space for bulletin board message,
so many netizen are crowding to facebook page,
and protesting to ISU Russia for Kim Yuna's silver medal.
At the moment, the facebook page of ISU has been changed the cover with a
photo of Kim Yuna.

The next Winter Olympics 2018 will be held in Korea.
YES, WE CAN SAY, Korea Winter Olympics
will never cause such dirty action like the one in Russia.
Korea will not make World Sports Festival dirty worse than village game.

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