Lee, Sang-Hwa and Korean members of the national team

Lee, Sang-Hwa and Korean members of the national team

Now, Winter Olympics is burning in Sochi, Russia.
We have 3 closely watchable Korean players in Sochi Winter Olympics.

1. Lee, Sang-Hwa

She is a world-record holder in the women's 500m.
The previous new world record was also hers. She renewed her record
3 times continuously.
By now she has been found no competitors.

2. Lee, Kyou-Hyuk

He has been participated Winter Olympics 6 times totally since Norwegian Lillehammer
Games in 1994 by now without exception as a Korean member of the national team.
But, regretfully no medal in Winter Olympics.
On the contrary, in World Championships he swept gold medals with excellent results,
but unfortunately he seemed to have no connection with Winter Olympics.
This Winter Olympics might be his retirement match.
However, take a look at him! The 6 times of participations in
Winter Olympics for such a long time through strict self-discipline
must be the role model of skate players worldwide.

3. Viktor Ahn (Виктор Ан)

He was a member of the national team. He conquered world championships 5 times
continuously from 2003 to 2007.
He gained gold medals in 1000m & 1500m single and 5000m relay, and a bronze
medal in 500 single of Italian Turin Winter Olympics 2006, and consequently he won
medals in all the short track events of men's division.
But he was dropped out at the selection match of Korean members of the national
team in 2010, and Russia asked him naturalization in Russia with a guaranteed
condition of Russian member of the national team. In 2011, Victor Ahn(An, Hyun-Su)
settled in Russia, and selected as a Russian member of the national team instantly,
and gained silver medals in 500m & 5000m relays in a World Championship 2013.
This was the first event as Russian short track player. In Sochi Winter Olympics 2014,
he gained a bronze medal in 1500m single, and won the Olympic medal in 8 years.
At the moment, Russia is going crazy for Victor Ahn.

Watch the matches of these 3 players.
Korea never loses the powerful front-runner in ice sports for a long time.
Indeed, in Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, Korea also could last the fame?

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