Notice to stupid & poor Caucasian

Notice to stupid & poor Caucasian

The movie, 12 Years a Slave, was broken the seal.
Steve Mcqueen as a director and Brad Pitt had been
participated in the production of the film.
The leading actor is Chiwetel Ejiofor.
The movie is based on a true story, tells the black slave existed in America legally
in the 1850. Namely, it is a true story before 160 years.

Caucasian, shoved slaves around as a property only by the reason of black...
And now, passed 160 years, the racism still exists unbelievably.
The photos below were filmed in 2013.
The reason, why the campaign of "Say no Racism" is continued at this very
moment, lies on the fact, that Caucasian still does racism.

I warn to Caucasian. You should regret your stupid past and
must try to erase the word "Racism" in itself. It is your shameful past.

I hated Caucasian very much.
So many Caucasian are poor, noisy,
talkative, ignorant and low-educated comparing to Korean.
Because of their such characteristics as seen above, they committed the
possession of human beings as slaves by the reason of different skin color,
shoved slaves around and did inhumane treatment legally before 160 years.

I also, from now on, will not hate such ignorant, poor, 
talkative and noisy Caucasian.
I had been look down, ignore and neglect Caucasian by the reason of white skin,
but now will stop to do such.