Sex slave, it must be known as much as Holocaust

Sex slave, it must be known as much as Holocaust

Most Korean well knows about "sex slave".
And now, the whole world should know about the
identity of "sex slave" like the Holocaust by German Nazi.
"Sex slave" (Wee Ahn Boo in Korean) is expressed as Japanese Military Sexual
Slavery in English. It must as same as Holocaust by German Nazi Reich.

Korea was a Japanese colony from 1910 to 1945. It was because Korea had been
defeated in Korea-Japan war.
The purpose of "sex slave" was the satisfaction of sexual desire for Japanese
soldiers during war, and it was the official action by Japanese Government, and for
the action they kidnapped Korean 11~30-years-old females forcibly,
and enticed & raped.

In 1945, Korea had been liberated from Japan independently. And now, it is in the
year of 2014, it has been passed 70 years after termination of war.
Currently Korea has an equivalent economic activity to or beyond Japan.
A balance of current accounts of Korea has been jumped over Japan.
But, Japan still never apologizes officially for "sex slave" though it has been
passed several decades.
Far from formal apology, Japanese lawmakers and broadcasting authorities existed,
"The facts of compulsory mobilization of sex slave were not confirmed by
documents, and had no testimony of Japanese side”, and "Sex slave issue is very
general in any war, but what's all the fuss about?"
But the facts of compulsory mobilization were confirmed through hundreds of
documents, and we have the formal testimony recognized by Japan side, and
moreover official "sex slave" approved by Government has not been found yet

Holocaust Museum of Queens College in New York, USA
At one side of Holocaust Museum having related historical records, paintings of
grandmothers, who were sex slaves, were exhibited.

The authorities of Museum have been announced, that as the victims, who can
testify the history, are leaving this world gradually, so we should inform the right
history to the next generation, and for this they are planning to prepare a
permanent exhibition hall not an one-shot thing.
If the first permanent exhibition hall for sex slave is installed, then the movement
will be spread to several hundreds of Holocaust Museum in USA.
The huge Holocaust Museum located in Washington D.C., the capital city of
America, is one of the tour courses worldwide.
The whole world recognizes the Holocaust.
The shameful dirty history of "sex slave" affair committed by Japan to Korea must
be also viewed like the Holocaust.

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