Shin Ramyun, Global immense popularity

Shin Ramyun, Global immense popularity

Do you know the Korean made Shin ramyun, which is a exported noodle to more than
100 countries globally?
The name of Shin ramyun with a meaning of 「Hot spicy taste instant noodle soup」
is a Korean word. Samsung also a Korean word with a meaning of 「3 stars」,
and 「kim-chi」 is a well known Korean word.

Shin ramyun was firstly launched Korean market in 1986, and since then by 2013
almost for 30 years it has been sold 23 billions bags only in Korea by now.
If we line up them, then the length will be 105 times of the circumference of the earth.
At the moment it has more than 100 overseas markets. Of course, in Asia it had
been made a great hit.
In Canada, you can always watch the Bus ad. of it, and it has been become a famous
food in Jungfrau in Switzerland, Middle East & Muslim countries, Punta Arenas
in Chile and even in Himalaya, anywhere in the world.

You have not experienced Shin ramyun yet?
With a 5 minutes cooking, why don't you try to taste the fine and spicy
I'm sure, it's very, very competitive than any other Asian food.