Superbowl Time, a good many CF of Korean enterprise

Superbowl Time, a good many CF of Korean enterprise

Today America had a 「Super-Sunday」 of 2014.
In U.S. New Jersey state, it has been held the 48th 「Super Bowl」 for
the championship of NFL (National Football League).
The economical effect of the match today is evaluated as
US$600 millions in maximum.
TV ads. in Super Bowl, which is sold as 4~4.5 millions per 30 seconds in basic,
are already sold out 2 months ago, and Super Bowl last year had been attracted
108.41 millions of TV watchers only in America.

Lately, by the report of America ESPN, NFL was ranked No. 1 for 30 years since
1985 successively from the results of a enquete about 「the favorite sport」
, that was conducted December last year.
It's said, that if NFC wins in Super Bowl on the year, then the stock markets will
be prosperous, but if not in a contrary, then it will be a bearish market.
So, what a juggling event it is!
To such Super Bowl ad. Korean enterprises as always send out advertisements.

Samsung Mobile, peanut confectionary with a motive of Psy's Gangnam Style,
Kia Motors and Hyundai Motors had been sent out Ads. in 2013.

The entry of Korean enterprise to American market has already more than
50 years of experiences.
Not only in America, but already globally,
you might have at least one Korean product.
Korea is a divided country. As a lot of news, related to North Korea, are sending
globally, relatively you might not have enough information about
Korean economic scale.
It could be some harmful effects caused by mass media because of
some sensational news. Anyway, you know?
The Korean economy has been ranked to the 10th globally.

Could you introduce your typical brand for me?

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