The counterattack of K-pop star against American Idol

The counterattack of K-pop star against American Idol

The famous America music audition program is the American Idol.
And Korea has the K-pop star.
Of course, the American music market, participant and scale of infrastructure are
far bigger than those of Korea.
However, at the moment, the much more hotter spot is the K-pop.
Now we are hearing American pop music more than 50 years,
but frankly speaking, why don't you feel somewhat boring?

If you know Gangnam Style of Korean singer Psy, and if you have at least one
product of Samsung or LG in your hand, or in your bag, or at home,
then it can be said, that you already have been wetted with Korean culture.
Maybe you would have been enjoyed the video of Gangnam Style of
Psy through Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

Singers originated from American Idol are rushing in Korea.
One of the most successful singers might be Mr. John Park.
Mr. John Park is a student of the Department of Economics in Northeastern Univ.,
and a member of ‘Purple Haze’, the a capella group of the university.
Mr. John Park was ranked Top 20 of American Idol in 2010, and continuously
participated in Korea music audition program, and was ranked to Top 2.
Though he hasn't won, but now he has been active in the entertainment world by the
supporting of "Antennamusic company" in Korea, which is his management company.

Lately, Mr. Yoo Hui-yeol, the representative Antennamusic company and also the
pianist, the musician and the host of music program,
is designated as an examiner of K-pop star Season Ⅲ.
Mr. Yoo Hui-yeol announced, that he explores the similar characters like
Mr. John Park through K-pop star.

The American Idol, the America music audition program, has been dominated
pop music market, while Korea audition program,
K-pop star is making a meteoric rise lately.
In the fast-changing music market, the rising trend must be in Korea.

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