The overwhelming difference in ability, Kim Yu-Na's Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 has been begun

The overwhelming difference in ability, Kim Yu-Na's Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 has been begun

Yesterday, figure skating of Sochi Winter Olympics begun.
In Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 Kim, Yu-Na gained gold medal.
In World Championship also she took 1st place, the score difference from the
second rank was big. She might have no competitor.
And in Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 Kim, Yu-Na aims at successive victory.

At the first event, Kim, Yu-Na also grasped the top honor.
Sochi Olympics is held in Russia. Yulia Lipnitskaya, the rising new rival from
Russian, made a mistake in landing at the third jump, triple flip.
About this, an article was repoted, “Yulia Lipnitskaya fall breaks Russian hearts”.


Mao Asada, called Japanese signboard of figure, also made pratfall and could not
perform the last jump in perfect, she could only get worst report card of 16th rank.
As Mao Asada failed triple axel jump, from the corner of Russian stand ridicules
and triumphant yells broke out.
To the event of Mao Asada today, so many Japanese people showed such
reaction, that they cannot believe, and were distressed.
By the result, her difference from Kim, Yu-Na is almost 18 points, so she seems
to have no possibility to get gold medal practically.

The pointed 2 players as rivals against Kim, Yu-Na were not the rivals.
Instead of them, Adelina Sotnikova from Russia, a new rival threatening
Kim, Yu-Na, had been floated. The score difference from Kim, Yu-Na is only 0.28.
However, what we have to understand is, that Sotnikova is much stronger than
Yulia Lipnitskaya on the stage of her country, because she got the top place in
Russia Championship Series.

Carolina Kostner from Italia also recorded high score with only 0.8 point difference
from Kim, Yu-Na.

Every Korean mass media is chanting for Kim, Yu-Na currently.
It is covered with real time popular search words of special broadcasting & reports
for Kim, Yu-Na.
At the moment, Kim, Yu-Na's gold medal seems to be very near. Oh, my god!!
Kim, Yu-Na is a Korean figure skating player!!

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