The popular 3 articles, Top 3 of fullkorea.com

The popular 3 articles, Top 3 of fullkorea.com

The fullkorea.com is a Google based site to introduce Korea to other countries
since its established & operated in Jan. 2010.
One day, my one Polish friend worried and asked me, "Is South Korea safe?
No danger by nuclear weapon? What about economic situation?"
His saying was my decisive opportunity to establish and operate fullkorea.com.

In Google, the interest about North Korea is certainly sparked,
but the attention and browsing frequency
about South Korea & Korea are far from enough.
The worldwide famous media only deal
very exciting news from North Korea frequently.
Because of such reasons, global people often hear information about North Korea,
therefore relatively they have no idea on South Korea.
South Korea is the top 10 economic world power, experienced the World Cup
semifinals, and using Galaxy as a smartphone & riding Sonata as an automobile,
but people don't know the mother country of Samsung & Hyundai Motors.

On the basis of 24th Feb. 2014, the number of visitors to fullkorea.com
is estimated 19,000 persons per day on average.
Among them, I would like to introduce 3 articles,
which are shared in best by Google+
(most foreigners use Google, it is a sharing application provided by Google).

The most introduced article, US Army problem.
The article, the troubles in Korea, written through my uncomfortable sights,
caused by American including GI was shared 8,320 times totally.
The article, South Korea true, was shared in 4,158 times, and the article,
Caught sight cosmetics from S. Korea, then have your eyes on them,
was shared in 1,896 times.
(Should you have interest on this, then you can check them
at fullkorea.com by browsing title of the article)

Occasionally, some people don't know where Korea locates,
even in Asia or Middle East.
If I tell them about the problems of Dokdo or East Sea? OK, let me be an
Argentinean. And if I ask your idea on Malvinas War 
between Argentina and England?

What we have to do firstly, must be the information about Korea in itself and right
rather than the problems of Dokdo or East Sea, I believe.

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