The rash foreigners in Itaewon

The rash foreigners in Seoul Itaewon 

Itaewon is a town located in Seoul.
As the town is very near to a American Army base distanced 3km,
sometimes GIs visit here for relaxation.
Thanks to this, the town has a lot of foreigners,
and there are so many westernized bars/clubs.
Almost on every Friday & Saturday,
drinking parties are usual by 5 o'clock am, and many GIs chase Korean girls.

Seoul Itaewon night

In the 1960s, Caucasian‘s status was very high.
At that time, Korea was poor, and the salary of
GI was as high as the annual income of Korean people.
But now it is in the year of 2014. It is a time of which
America President Obama also declares to learn Korean education system.
Korean salary at the moment is higher enough than the one of GI,
and the Korean ladies do not like Caucasian any more.
And Korean gentlemen do not like Caucasian including American soldier.
No, maybe almost they disgust at disrespectful attitudes of GI.
My feeling to Caucasian including GI currently is simply "the people, who are
unemployed, jobless, tourist or army, because of no job to do in his own country".

Foreigner and Seoul Itaewon 

They are poor, easily excited to very little substance,
noisy, non-polite and ignorant.
Though they are living in Korea, but
cannot speak 2 sentences of "Hi" and "I'm sorry" in Korean.
Sometimes their caused troubles of sexual assaults, assaults and drunken
driving etc. are reported through media, and at every hearing of the report I want to
keep them away from me. So, I don't go Itaewon anymore.
Itaewon has the characteristics of "stress reducing region for foreign labors".
But they have to forget to receive preferential treatment
just because of foreigner or Caucasian in Korean land.
This town is only a part of Seoul with a lot of far richer,
more learned and more sophisticated people than you, foreigner.
To live in Korea, then every foreigner should have to respect Korean and keep order
as a civilized person.

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