Victor Ahn (Виктор Ан) receives congratulations from President Putin (Владимир Путин)

Victor Ahn(Виктор Ан) receives congratulations from President Putin

Russian President Putin (Владимир Путин) is changing cover photo
of his Facebook to the corresponding photos every time,
when Russia player gains gold medal.
And yesterday, after the match of short track speed skating of 1000m
by Victor Ahn(Виктор Ан) player, who naturalized from Korea to Russia,
the cover photo of his Facebook was decorated with "Victor Ahn".
It is said, that President Putin had been sent a congratulatory telegram directly
to the player, Victor Ahn player, with the phrases of "Too much thanks for all of
the time and hard work, and also thanks for your becoming a Russian hero".

American media explained about the affair of Victor Ahn(Виктор Ан) player,
who naturalized from Korea to Russia as "Michael Jordan's playing as Cuban member"
and also compared added, that "The naturalization of Ahn, Hyun-Soo to Russia
can be compared to Michael Jordan's participation in Olympics as a Cuban member
after confliction with the U.S. team".

Victor Ahn(Виктор Ан) had been experienced unreasonable administrative
mistakes and factional strife of Korea Skating Union,
and according to rumors, he got assaults and confinement,
and consequently had to yield the number one position to his junior.
The Korean 24-year-old youth at that time, Ahn, Hyun-Soo lost the opportunity
to display his capability entirely because of
political disputes of his nibs, and had to naturalize to Russia.
At that time, nobody of Skating Union blocked his naturalization, on the contrary
the Union derided with a saying of "already has-been player" and hurt him.
But after 8 years, in Sochi Winter Olympics 2014, Ahn, Hyun-Soo dedicates
gold medal to Russia accepted him with a still alive figure. And through the
excellent game operation he added another silver medal to Russian players.

Korea, you have been lost such a great player!!
Through the fact, that Ahn, Hyun-Soo, the old Korean player, gained gold medal as
a Russian member just after 8 years in Winter Olympics, Korea at now has a severe
complication. On the other hand, Korea male team is evaluated as a weakest
team historically and gained no medal.

Especially, through receiving attention of past factional problem and beating
affair of Korea Skating Union again, that had been driven Ahn, Hyun-Soo
to naturalize, the director Choi, Gwang-Bok and explanation member Kim, So-Hui,
who were involved in the affair at that time and now still highly active,
are ranked top class on the Internet hit list.
Ahn, Hyun-Soo got over abandoned wound from his nation, and naturalized to Russia
to continue player life, but director Choi and explanation member Kim are still
belonged to Skating Union in Korea and under active.

You, the CORRUPTed Korea Skating Union, 
thanks to your arrogant action the innocent Korean people are suffering from a shame.

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