Why South Korea is not known widely abroad?

Why South Korea is not known widely abroad?

Korea is not known well abroad.
What's the reason? Of course, there must be several reasons,
but one of them is that North Korea is browsed more frequently abroad.
As we Korean have prejudices influenced by the mass media,
that in Africa only poor black people live and Indians are all natives...

So many media overseas treat exciting news about North Korea more frequently.
Because the exciting article can get more clicks of the readers.
Actually, in Google North Korea is browsed in 1,220,000 times, but Korea in
135,000 times, South Korea in 90,500 times only.
Therefore, the browsed volume of North Korea is bigger more than 5 times than
the one by South Korea and Korea combined.
It means that one person browses South Korea or Korea,
but another 5 persons browse North Korea.

Spooky, huh?
Naturally distortion of information has been occurred.

Thanks to the popularity (?) of North Korea, relatively there are many foreigners
appreciating South Korea also as a poor nuclear power state.
Furthermore, even some people have no idea, where Korea is located, in Asia
Europe, East Asia or Middle East.

Korea has many problems.
Dokdo issue with Japan, cooperative problem with North Korea, financial problem,
the conflict between labor and management, gender equality, academic problem,
problem of employment etc,... It must be beyond of expectation, that such many
problems of Korea could be understandable by foreigner abroad.
Especially, it must be yes for Dokdo issue.
If asking Korea whether he knows about the territorial dispute between
America and Canada? Do you know it?

I think, it must be a priority, that where Korea is located, what kind of country,
what's Korean national flag and what it looks like and what about the situation of
economic & security of Korea should be informed widely abroad.

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