Japanese history, what America has to acknowledge

Japanese history, what America has to acknowledge

On 7. Dec. 1941, Japanese Navy planes had been made the surprise attacks
against U.S. army bases located at Pearl Harbor,
Oahu of American Hawaii. It is a so-called .
Through the air raid, the dead of America reaches the number of 2,403 persons,
and 21 battleships & 188 planes were destroyed.
Thanks to the Pearl Harbor Accident,
America had been entered regularly the Second World War.

▲ Burning after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Namely, Japan is one of the countries, who caused the Second World War.
The most brutal countries during the Second World War
can be indicated as Germany and Japan.
Germany, represented by Nazi, had been tried to "ethnic cleansing" by the
Holocaust, and Japan kidnapped the females of
China and Korea forcibly as sex-slavery.

Now the war is over.
Germany apologizes the history during the war against humanity for the
damaged countries including Poland and Israel etc. in heart,
But the Japanese Government denies their own invasion history and
irritates the countries surroundings, who were suffered by Japan.
Recently Japanese Prime Minister, "Shinzo Abe" announced, that Japan has to
re-consider the apologized official writings of sex-slavery accident during the war.
And moreover, he worshiped "Yasukuni", which is the tomb of dead Japanese
soldiers of the invasion war, by visiting every year.

The Vice-President of America, Joe Biden, advised by seeing Japanese Prime
Minister, "Abe" with saying, that "Never visit Yasukuni" in 3 times,
and again asked him by phone calling, but Abe,
in spite of it, visited Yasukuni and also expressed
obviously his willing, that he will visit Yasukuni later.

Look at the attitude of Japan. Evidently,
I wonder the Second World War had been finished, really?