Japanese Prime Minister worships the Japanese murders, who killed American

Japanese Prime Minister worships the Japanese murders, who killed American

There are historical logos, which the American should remember.
They are Swastica(卍) of Nazi, Germany and Rising Sun Flag of Japan.
70 years before, Japanese soldiers forcibly kidnapped American girls and made
them as sex-slavery and killed the innocent Americans.
At the moment, Japanese Prime Minister worships the soldiery murders
officially by visiting their tomb, and then?

By the way, the event occurs actually.
American had been entered into the Second World War and we remember the
sacrificed American soldiers at the War.
Japanese Prime Minister "Abe" and
Japanese politicians worship the war criminals by visiting Yasukuni Shrine every year.
Jim Steinberg, the post Deputy Secretary of USA, Joe Bide, the current Vice
President of USA asked "Abe" not to visit Yasukuni Shrine more than 10 times,
but Japan held the worship at Yasukuni Shrine without fail every year.

In addition, there is the World Cup 2014.
For the World Cup, the uniform taking the flag as a symbol of the war
(called as Rising Sun Flag) during war time was adopted. I believe,
the American phosphorus mind must not be good by taking a view of it.
How can dare Japan plan such kind of dirty event in this worldwide sports festival?
This can be compared with the application of Swarstica (卍)
for their uniform by Germany.
I wonder if you know the fact of Japan?

If the news is the first acknowledgement with you,
then please remember the function like under.

Swastika (卍) = Rising Sun Flag.
I hope, you could understand the wrong political and sports diplomacy of Japan.

If you ever work for the media and journalists, or your SNS activity, such as Twitter
and Facebook if you are, then please inform the fact for your neighbors.
Japan's behavior must be very wrong.
If your grandfather was killed by the hands of Japanese soldiers,
then I believe you will not be able to get away with this.