Korea, not mentioned overseas

Korea, not mentioned overseas

Lately, I have been informed to one journalist in Germany with a title of
"If Germany decided to take the Nazi pattern in their uniform 
in 2014 Brazil World Cup, then you can believe it?"
Just only because I tried to get some serious interests from the journalist in
Germany about the Japanese intention by comparing the Nazi pattern of Germany
through my information about the Japanese uniform taking the pattern of
imperialism for 2014 World Cup.

But the journalist was very, very angry with only the title of
"German uniform with Nazi pattern",
without reading all contents, and blamed me extremely.

He made biting remarks me with some phrases of
"It's really bullshit. I'm really very sorry.
You have to be shameful by this false rumor."
He might be misunderstood with my intention,
and just simply be flushed with anger.

Of course I got some disappointment about his urgent temper, but meanwhile
I felt some curious envy about his vitriol.
Our Korea seems to just watch the attitude of Japan, who shows the uniform of
the national soccer team, without any action, 
this German gentleman never allowed only a word of "Nazi".

However, this is the real situation, not a rumor. Though the damaged countries
including Korea and China, etc. never shows any expression about it.
Of course they could feel the anger in common, but no international action,
even online it's hard to find the related action.

The petition for "The historical fact of Japanese invasion into Korea should be
written in American textbook" has been moved for a few weeks ago, but we could
get only 17 signatures from Korea. I have been heard,
the petition for the lost gold medal of Kim Yuna had been exceeded 2 millions...
We have to calm down and reflect our standard of judgment, which is more
valuable than the others. Naturally,
the concentrated interest of Korean should be preceded.

Please follow the steps here under.

  • 1. Click the linkage of the signature-seeking campaign of the
    White House: http://wh.gov/lVwWa
  • 2. Create the account by pressing "Create an Account".
  • 3. Input the email address, first name and last name.
  • 4. Answer Challenge Question
    (If English were hard to understand, then please use Google translator).
  • 5. No matter to leave Zip Code in blank.
    After 1-2 minutes, by pressing linkage in your email account delivered from
    the White House (the longest at the 4. paragraph),
    then it connects you to the site for the signature.

    With pressing the green button on the left “SIGN THIS PETITION”,
    your signature will be completed.

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