Kwon Jin Ah, the unanticpated first place in Kpop Star 3

Kwon Jin Ah, the unanticpated first place in Kpop Star 3

24 hours
by Kwon Jin Ah (2014. 03. 16)

Kwon Jin Ah could not attract some big attention by now because of 3 Power
System of Almeng, Bernard Park and Jjari Mongddang, and is a 17-year-old (born
in 1997) high school girl just singing a song with an acoustic guitar modestly.

However, she entered in TOP 8 play-off with the "see-through", the extreme
hip-hop song, at once, and obtained high praises of the judges.

It's the original "see-through" by Primary.
With the comparison, you can find the remarkable arrangement ability of
Kwon Jin Ah.

She wiped off the worries of the judges about "You expose prominence only in
doleful ditty".
And she left stronger impact with time goes by.
This Sunday, Kwon Jin Ah challenges again to enter TOP 6 with "24 hours
insufficient" by Sunmi, which belongs to so-called sexy dance genre.

Kwon Jin Ah now exposes her existence through breaking the
expectation at every time that the winner must come out
among one of 3 teams of Almeng, Bernard Park and Jjari Mongddang.
The stage of Kpop Star 3 on this Sunday must be very expected in full.

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