Let America deal the Invasion into Korea by Japan in their textbook.

Let America deal the Invasion into Korea by Japan in their textbook.

We will notice the White House and deal the Invasion into Korea by Japan in the
American textbooks.
We will inform, what brutalities and crimes were committed Japan against Korea,
and though it has passed 70 years after the war, but still Japanese Government
never did official apology for Korea.

We should make stop the tears of the comfortable grandmothers
Let's leave our signature at the White House of America.
We have to be authorized to blame the weak Korea Government.
Please follow the steps here under.

  • 1. Click the linkage of the signature-seeking campaign of the
    White House: http://wh.gov/lVwWa
  • 2. Create the account by pressing "Create an Account".
  • 3. Input the email address, first name and last name.
  • 4. Answer Challenge Question
    (If English were hard to understand, then please use Google translator).
  • 5. No matter to leave Zip Code in blank.
    After 1-2 minutes, by pressing linkage in your email account delivered from
    the White House (the longest at the 4. paragraph),
    then it connects you to the site for the signature.

    With pressing the green button on the left “SIGN THIS PETITION”,
    your signature will be completed.

And, please deliver the message to your Facebook/ Twitter / Blogs.
Have you ever seen such frequent and successive absurd remarks of
Abe Prime Minister?
Korea is facing at the moment on the international crisis.
We have to block Japanese tricks.