Moschino for sale T-shirts containing Nazi symbol

Moschino for sale T-shirts containing Nazi symbol

T-shirts containing Nazi symbol
are for sale at the online shop of Moschino.


Actually Moschino never sells such
T-shirts containing Nazi symbols of Swastika or Hakenkreuz.
The red T-shirts over are the fake Images.
The Nazi symbols should not be applied for any purpose and case.
But the information under is the unbelievable real story happening now.

As Nazi symbol represents the history of war & invasion of Germany,
Rising Sun Flag means the history of war & invasion of Japan.
That is, Swastika and Rising Sun Flag have the equalized meaning.

Just as the German atrocities, Japan also had been slaughtered numerous Chinese and Korean people, and made girls as sex slaves.
But at the moment, T-shirts containing Rising Sun Flag are for sale by Moschino, 
and Japan announced their soccer uniform containing a designed Rising Sun Flag 
for 2014 Brazil World Cup.

REAL !!!

The actual sale Moschino Online Store

The actual sale FIFA Online Store : http://store.fifa.com/85287.html

If you work in the related fields of media, press or social network,
then could you touch me with some information
about the frequent use of Rising Sun Flag!
Time can not be reversed, but problem should be fixed.