Psy of Gangnam Style, finally comes back!

Psy of Gangnam Style, finally comes back!

Gangnam Style, the song, that you must be very familiar with it.
'Gangnam Style', at YouTube only it had been broken through hits of 2 billion, and
'Gentleman' broke through 700million.
Those are the records of Psy, and they are still world new records not broken yet.

A man with worldwide records, the Korean singer Psy, will release new album.
Also, the record label is YG, the Korean music entertainment company as before.

YG became well known in overseas through the activity in current K-Pop star
season 3 as judge by the head of Yang HyunSuk.
He played as a dancer caused sensation in the nineties and also a singer, and
now he is a record producer.
And also is a boss of Psy.

The new album contains a music video made with Snoop Dogg.
The whole world could expect for it.
We might have to welcome the sensation of Psy again.
Perhaps, you might know Psy is a Korean?
You can hum hum Gangnam Style, but didn't knew about Korea, and then you had
no idea, that Gangnam of Gangnam Style is just the village, where the riches of
Korea live ....then you have been only enjoyed the half of Gangnam Style, 
so your exciting would be decreased.