sex slavery issue at UN

sex slavery issue at UN

This was the first time since 2006 that the nation’s top diplomat attended the UNHRC session, and also marked the first time for a Korean foreign minister to make a speech there on the issue of women who suffered sexual enslavement by the Japanese imperial army.

▲  Mr.Yun Byung-se, He is the Republic of Korea’s Minister of Foreign Affairs

Yun said

"Today, I'd like to remind this council of the brave testimony given by Mrs (Jan) Ruff O-Herne, a Dutch-Australian lady and former comfort woman. In 2007 she testified before the US House of Representatives: 'For 50 years the comfort women maintained silence. I broke my silence and revealed one of the worst human rights abuses of the World War II - the forgotten holocaust.' She concluded: 'Japan must come to terms with its history, they must teach the correct history of the mistakes made in the past.' Recently, Japanese political leaders blatantly ignoring such a vivid account, attempting to re-examine the background of the official statement of Chief Cabinet Secretary and spokesperson, through which the Japanese government admitted the environment of coercion by the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces and expressed sincere apologies and remorse."

that Japan should accept governmental responsibility, take responsible measures, and educate current and future generations with regard to the sex slave issue. “Without repenting past wrongdoings, a brighter future will not be secured,” Yun said.

He said sex slavery is “not only a bilateral issue between Japan and other victimized countries ― including Korea, China, the Netherlands and various Southeast Asian countries ― but is also a universal human rights issue, an unresolved issue still haunting us today.”

His call comes as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his Cabinet have ramped up their aggressive nationalistic stance. Recently, Japan’s Senior Vice Minister of Education Yoshitaka Sakurada said that the issue of sexual slavery was a fabrication and called for a re-examination of supporting testimony.

souce by : http://koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2014/03/113_152811.html

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