The Japanese brutality, now on the way of knocking over by Korea

The Japanese brutality, now on the way of knocking over by Korea

Japan was rich once.
Once, with the electronic products of Sony and Panasonic etc.
and automobiles of Toyota and Nissan etc. they had been swept the world,
and threatened America, the 1st. economic power of the world.
Japan once occupied Korea and ruled as colony for 35 years (1910~1945).
At the time of colony, Japan robbed Korea economic and culture, 
and even made Korean females as sex-slaves.
But, currently Japanese Government insists the status, 
that “nothing to apologize about sex-slaves of Korea female".

The secretary general of Un, the top position of UN, is a Korean currently.
Yesterday, Korean Foreign Minister strongly criticized at UN General Assembly,
that "Not apologize about the affair of sex-slaves caused by
Japanese soldiers could be the frontal challenge of Japan against UN".
It was the attended position of UN secretary general and
Foreign Ministers from more than 50 countries.

At the moment, the current account surplus
width of Korea is much bigger than Japan.
Sony, Panasonic, Toyota, Nissan of Japan are on the way to bankrupt,
but their competitors, Samsung, LG, Hyundai & Kia Motors of Korea
are sweeping the world.

The visiting Korea by Japanese has been decreased,
but visiting Japan by Korean has been increased.
The Korean people understand Japan as a fairly good place to enjoy tour.

4 days before, in Virginia USA, the name of the above has been changed to the
parallel marking with East Sea legally, which was marked only as Sea of Japan.
It's because that the sea also is the sea located on the East side of Korea.

THe national power of Korea becomes more stronger.
But it seems not enough to overcome Japan.
In spite of such surroundings,
the lies committed by Japan shall be opened clearly to the world.

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