To Nazi & Japan, the reaction of the world is too different.

To Nazi & Japan, the reaction of the world is too different.

At the emails from Manchester United to fans in Oct. 2013, the Swasticka, which is
very similar to the patter of Nazi, was applied, and through this the internal
investigation was immediately performed with their humble apologies.
David Sternberg, the charged man for media of the club, announced
"unconditional apology" through his Twitter (https://twitter.com/davidlsternberg).
But Japan is very, very different. The Rising Sun Flag representing the militarism of
Japan, is a designed pattern with spreading sunlight from the national flag of
Japan, and its meaning is as same as the one Swasticka of Nazi,
but Japanese use it openly, even proudly.

So, how the eyes of the damaged countries by Japan could be gentle!
All of the damaged countries advised and asked Japan not to use it, but the
Japanese people love to use it very frequently at any event.

I would like politely ask your best understanding of the meaning under.
The 2 logos below have the same meaning,
therefore anybody should not use them.

I'm a Korean. Through the invasion of Japan, our ancestors were killed, and our
grandmamas were kidnapped to Japanese soldiers to serve as sex-slavery.
Whenever I face the Rising Sun Flag of Japan, I feel deepest sadness inside me.

Even the more important problem is the announcement of Japan,
that they will participate the 2014 World Cup
with wearing a uniform taking the pattern of Rising Sun Flag.

In a plain, you can understand Japan?
If you have a job concerning media including journalist and broadcasting etc, or
you drive the SNS activities on Twitter, Facebook etc, then would you please
inform this psychopathic challenge of Japan to your friends. Maybe especially the
leaders of Japan might live in another age not in 21st. century.
Even the reasonable persons of Japan should understand, that the barbarian
behavior of the Japanese leaders must degrade the dignity of Japan.

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