Washington Post spotlights 'My Love From The Stars'

Washington Post spotlights 'My Love From The Stars'

Washington Post has been introduced on the front page
Korean soap opera ‘My Love From The Stars’.
The title of the article is
"Could a Korean soap opera be China‘s guiding light" Washington Post reported,
“Even in recently opened Chinese biggest political event also,
the most attracting affair was the hot wind of Korean soap opera”.
"chicken & beer (CHIBE), mentioned by the heroine on soap opera,
became the most frequent word online” and
“Even Chinese Restaurant also began to sell chicken & beer”.
And additionally it also reported by citing local report, that one of pregnant woman
in Jiangsu watched the soap opera and enjoyed chicken & beer at midnight,
but hardly faced miscarriage emergency.

Washington Post:

Korean soap opera and music are already main contents in Asia.
The records of TVXQ, the Korean singer,
were sold out only for 7 seconds just after selling in Japan totally.
Super Juniors, Korean singer, had been occupied the top for
110 weeks (2 years approx.) in Taiwan record chart.

Dae Jang Geum, the Korean soap opera, has been exported 87 countries
worldwide, and gained unbelievable records with the viewing rate of 90% in Iranian
state-run television network (IRIB) and also viewing rate of 90% in Sri Lanka.
Uzbekistan has been broadcasted ‘Dae Jang Geum’ only for 5 times consecutively,
in China, some person caused suicide disturbance only because of the reason for
the disallowance to watch ‘Dae Jang Geum’. Gangnam Style of Psy was ranked to
the 2. of Billboard chart in 2013, and Psy obtained Guinness World Record on the
fields of most frequent visited video, most favorable good video and hits number
more than 2 billion in video.

Asian people are more enthusiastic about Korean music and 
Korean soap opera than Michael Jackson or Madonna.
Korean culture has a modifier of "in Asian countries, 
even Michael Jackson comes back alive but cannot obtain the record".
Should you want to understand Asia,
then you must firstly experience Korean cultural contents.
This is my very valuable TIPS for you !!!

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