Worldwide mysterious person, Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister

Worldwide mysterious person, Abe, the Japanese Prime Minister

The current Japanese Prime Minister is Abe Shinzo.
Japanese Prime Minister Abe visited Yasukuni last year on 26. Dec. with the
celebration of his first anniversary and worshiped suddenly.
Do you know 'Yasukuni'?

This is a deified tomb of Japanese dead soldiers,
who had been participated invasion war into Korea.
Just their tomb, who butchered numerous Korean and
treated Korean female as sex-slave !!
So... it could be interpreted as a hello of German Chancellor for the dead soldiers,
who participated in Nazi Reich.
Now German expands Jew Discrimination movement worldwide substituting Israel,
the mostly damaged country by the Holocaust,
Israeli President had been awarded German Chancellor a prize.
This must be normal.

By the way, Japan currently... Japanese Prime Minister directly leads worship for
dead soldiers entered the war. They announced to Korea,
"Nothing to apologize, and the sex-slaves were general in any war".
The political world of America Washington got great shock and through Embassy of USA in Japan had been expressed, "we have been disappointed".
Joe Biden, American Vice-President last year visited Japan and asked strongly,
"You must not visit Yasukuni and not worship Yasukuni",
and after a week called again to appeal, "must not visit Yasukuni".
Corresponding to this, Abe Prime Minister answered,
"We will improve Kor-Jpn relationship"...
But Abe Prime Minister had been visited Yasukuni again.
Even he announced the plan, that he will visit Yasukuni every year.

Japanese main mass media, Kyodo News, reported, that
"The attitude of Abe against the efforts of arbitration even by American Vice-President has been caused the American distrust against Japan, The American
White House is now in a rage because of the problem of worship for
Yasukuni shrine by Abe Prime Minister",
therefore Abe must need more time to
release the distrust of American Obama administration.

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