90% of foreigners ‘would like to date a Korean’

90% of foreigners ‘would like to date a Korean’

About 9 in 10 foreigners said they are willing to date a Korean if given a chance, according to a survey conducted by a Korea-based matchmaking firm.
Matchmaker Duo conducted the survey on 1,147 foreign users of Korspot,
a social networking ad platform for Korean culture, Yonhap reported.

Of 642 female participants, 27.4 % picked “interest in Korean culture and language” as a reason for willingness to date a Korean man, followed by
13.1 % replying to “Korean men seem diligent and responsible.”

On the other hand, 505 male participants had a different stance on why they would like to date a Korean woman. About 23.2 % said “pretty face” was the reason while 16.2 % picked “a lot of aegyo.” Aegyo is a Korean word that has the closest meaning to winsome and it is used mostly by women, balancing sweetness, cuteness, poutiness, modesty, thoughtfulness and submissiveness.

About 40 % of the respondents said that they would not like to date a Korean
because of ”cultural differences.”

In the survey, female respondents picked actor Kim Soo-hyun as the most sought-after male Korean celebrity while male foreigners selected actress Jun Ji-hyun. The two celebrities costarred in the popular Korean drama “My Love from the Star.”