Fullkorea is introduced to Korean media.

Fullkorea is introduced to Korean media.

Fullkorea is managed by Korean.
However, 90% of visitors to fullkorea are mostly form U.S., Canada, South East
Asia, South America and European not Korea.
The blog did not try to notify Korea and had no activities targeted Korean people.
Just because of the purpose to notify Korea overseas, the promoting targets are
foreigners like you not Korean.
Recently, however, one Korean media reported the articles of fullkorea.
Of course, it must be something to be thankful for.
Thanks to that, it seems to be growing a little by Korean visitors.

Korea media reports:

Fullkorea has been introduced Rising Sun Flag of Japan
has the same meaning with Swastika of Nazi, Germany.
Both of them were applied at the time of the massacre of people
during the Second World War.
Germany seems not to like Swastika, but in contrary Japan seems to be proud of
militarism at that time. Japan were ashamed of the Rising Sun Flag like Germany,
then Japan would never prepare such uniform for
2014 World Cup by copying the pattern of the Rising Sun Flag.
And also, Japan could not dare to declare to wear
going out the official game, even if prepared it.

But regretfully, Japan will participate 2014 World Cup
in Brazil wearing the uniform containing Rising Sun Flag.
We will find no difference in Germany if wearing the uniform with Swastika.
The images below are fakes. Germany never do such things.

I wonder, whether I have to conserve the violent words like ?
I'm a Korean.
We had been lost numerous brothers through the massacre by Japan.

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