Galaxy S5 still rings after SUV runs over

Galaxy S5 still rings after SUV runs over

samsung is Korean global brand.
A recent YouTube video proved Samsung Galaxy S5’s impressive durability as even an SUV failed to break the phone in a test, MK Business News said Friday. In the video, a man named Matt conducted multiple comparison tests using Galaxy S4 and S5. He ran the vehicle over the phone with front and rear wheels.

To the tester’s amazement, S5 came out unscathed except a cracked back glass. Prior to the SUV test, Matt dropped two phones from different heights to verify how well they withstand crashing on hard surfaces. Starting from waist-high to head levels to three meters in height, he dropped each phone in separate trials. The video showed that while S5 survived all three free-falls, S4’s front glass cracked at the three-meter drop. Some electronics-related news outlets, however, mentioned the test wasn’t conducted in the most proper ways any scientific test are handled.

The disagreement was based on the fact that the results vary depending on at which angles the phones hit the ground.

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