Nation faces mental breakdown after tragedy

Nation faces mental breakdown after tragedy

While the Sewol ferry tragedy is considered the nation’s worst marine disaster in years, the consequence is taking a mental toll on demotic crowds.

According to JoongAng Ilbo Monday, an increasing number of Koreans are becoming “traumatized” by the accident with symptoms of emotional dissipation and incessant crying.

The report cited several experts who worry that the aftermath on the nationwide populace is reaching a worrisome level.

Prof. Lee So-young from Soonchunhyang University Hospital pointed out a potential problem in writing condolatory messages for the victims of the tragedy.

She said while some schools obligate their students to write it, it could be problematic for those with past experience of being traumatized by similar accidents.

Prof. Han Deok-hyun from Chung Ang University advised parents not to expose their children or senile family members too long in front of television news covering the tragedy.

A psychologist, Noh Man-hui, said exposure to such media contents is especially more influential to those with anxiety disorder or panic disorder.  

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