The shameless politics of Japan discovered by CBS

The shameless politics of Japan discovered by CBS

Yoshimatsu Ikumi, the winner of Japanese beauty pageant, criticized the absurd
remarks about the comfort women, through which she is condemned by Japanese
Yoshimatsu Ikumi, the winner of ‘Miss International 2012’, appeared CBS radio
broadcast of the United States on March 29, and during exchange talks with Robin
Morgan, the feminist activist, she expressed her thoughts about the comfort women
for Japanese forces.

Women's Media Center Live with Robin Morgan
Feminist activist Robin Morgan. Broadcast Saturdays at 11am on WJFK 1580 AM

At that time, the MC, Morgan said, "The Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, that the
apology taken a couple of years about the comfort women during World War II
shall be withdrawn", and about this Yoshimatsu expressed her opinion, "As a
Japanese I feel ashamed of the speech of right-wingers and I'm sad as a women."

And, as the comments became known in Japan, some Japanese people spoke ill
of her, but some other people spoke good of her, the comments are to be split.
However, in China and Korea she could receive a big welcome.
The Japanese government should reflect on itself.
We do not hate Japanese people. However, the right-wing forces in Japan and the
putrid conservative Japanese politicians, who accept the lies like the truth and act,
are only ridiculous.