Why Bruno Mars could not come to Korea?

Why Bruno Mars could not come to Korea?

The credit card penetration rate of Korea is the world best.
The fact was also found in a report released by CNN of the United States.
This means, that almost every Korean, not minor, is using credit cards.
So, the credit card companies in Korea hold a number of cultural festivals
autonomously, at this time Bruno Mars had been delivered
his intention to come to the festival of the credit card companies.
But ... he was rejected for the following reasons.
(The image below is the story of the CEO of the credit card company.)

Jeong TaeYeong@diegobluff 23th. Jan. 2014
One of foreign singer has been contacted to Hyundai Card Co., Ltd. to hold a
Korea performance, although his Korea performance is the first time, I believe that
he must be apparently a good artist. If it used to be, of course it would be
proceeded as super concert. But now it is time to have some spirit in a super
concert also, so I have been just passed it. Because he is still young and also
has a few sheets of the album, therefore he seems to have only smaller echo.

The CEO of the credit card company would invite some more famous person
with years of experience, and left his saying on his Twitter,
that he will put off Bruno Mars a little more.
Through which, the invited singer is... Paul McCartney.

It's said, that Bruno Mars could not say anything why he was not invited.
And Paul McCartney is on the way of preparation for
Korea performance on 28. May 2014.

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