5 months have passed since the Sinking of Sewol Ferry in Korea

5 months have passed since the Sinking of Sewol Ferry in Korea

There is a beautiful island called Jeju Island in South Korea.
As chosen as one of the 7 Wonders of the World,
Jeju Island boasts a magnificent, breathtaking view.
Thanks to such reputation, Jeju Island is a very enjoyable tourist place not only
for foreign tourists but also for Koreans.
On April 16, 2014, exactly five months ago from today,
A ferry named Sewol, heading to South Korea’s beautiful Jeju Isalnd, sunk in the sea.
On the ship, regular tourists and a huge group of high school students, 
youths more beautiful than Jeju Island who are on their trip to the island, 
lost their lives in the sea. A total of 300 passengers died.
The ferry sunk in the ocean, but the captain and crewmen of
Sewol Ferry ordered the passengers to “stay still, it is more dangerous to move,”
and hurriedly escaped from the ship.
It is such an inhumane, murderous behavior, and is very difficult to understand.

The ship tilted. The captain and the crewmen escaped after ordering the
passengers to “stay still,” and the National Maritime Police neglected the
passengers and left after rescuing the captain and the crewmen only.
While there has been rampant speculation about why they have done so,
the current president of South Korea has been refusing to meet the bereaved.
How painful the hearts of the parents who lost their children are.
A few among the parents who lost their children are currently on a hunger strike,
but a portion of South Koreans proudly eat hamburgers and pizzas
right in front of them as a performance to stop the hunger strike.

A parent who has lost his child. He has not eaten anything for about 40 days.

This is the reality of South Korea.
Politics and the national character are all too behind.
This is why Full Korea blog has closed itself.
Full Korea, opened with a love toward Korea and let people all over the world more aware of my mother country, thinks for a while. It questions itself,
“Can I love Korea more?”
From politicians to citizens, South Korea has revealed its most abhorrent, 
dirtiest, and uncivilized side.
About 8,000 people from 20 countries in the world visit Full Korea every day.
If such dirty aspect of Korea is hidden,
it will not be much different from Korea’s unilateral and stubborn politics.
Right now, the writing members of Full Korea hate Korea.

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