America Starts a War on Purpose

America Starts a War on Purpose

In a television speech on September 10th, President Obama claimed that
“America will not hesitate to take a military action not only against
Iraq but also the IS (a group of extremist armed forces of Sunni jihadist
active in Iraq and Syria with a goal to bring most of the Muslim-inhabited
regions of the world under its political control as a caliphate),” and has
carried out 190 air strikes against the IS so far.

Despite trade and budget deficits, or twin deficits in other words,
America is the only country in the world to keep on going.
How the U.S. maintains its economy is that it has the authority to
print the world currency dollar and is currently doing so.
Too much money in circulation might spark inflation, but the U.S. government
is issuing and selling government bonds to Japan and China and is collecting dollar.
Then, the U.S. government has to buy the bonds again over time,
causing more budget deficits.
At this moment there is no way to solve this irony,
so many left-winged scholars
believe that America sometimes starts a war, and so do I.

Simply compared to China and Japan, America is a very poor country in deficit.
Thus it has dollar as the world’s standard currency, and is putting effort to have
New York and LA as the prime example of the world culture and media,
even though they have nothing to boast.
Everyone who has travelled the U.S. knows how there is nothing to see in the country.
It is a country that forcefully made the Niagara Falls, overwhelmingly smaller
than the Iguassu Falls, as top 3 waterfall in the world.
America’s economic activity is war. America enjoys having wars consistently.
An American journalist was beheaded by the IS.
Did the U.S. government really feel sad about this?

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