Dirty Whites’ Poor White Supremacy and Racism

Dirty Whites’ Poor White Supremacy and Racism

I am Korean.
I am Asian, and a yellow race.
However, I am richer, have better education,
and am better-cultured than most whites.
I have a much higher salary than white people’s average annual income,
and have employed many whites and give them salaries.
One of the white employers is my company’s janitor.
They can speak English well but have nothing else.
They are good at English only because they were born to
acquire the language by nature, not by learning it.

I consider whites to be loud. They are poor, talkative, and are impatient.
Despite all this, seeing them acting rude just because their skin color is white
is such a disgusting and nonsense comedy.
White people who came to Korea are jobless,
as they couldn’t find jobs in their own countries.
Thus they sometimes cause troubles in Korean society.
It is not hard to hear news on gun accidents / rapes / traffic gangs
among whites in Korea.
Such white people have looked down on black people so far, and they still do so.

A huge-scale mass demonstration
went on after a young African-American man named
Michael Brown was shot dead by a police officer in the city of
Ferguson in Missouri, U.S.
The excessive inspection of and the use of gun on the black man,
who became the cause of the demonstration,
clearly show how stupid white-American police officers
have not been able to get rid of racism and keep repeating it for centuries.
Stupid American police officers. Even a 10-year-old child fixes a wrong habit
within a month if he is told three times.
However, whites are so stupid that 
they can’t fix themselves despite centuries of scolding.
Now, whites should accept and understand their poverty and stupidity.
Whites are just people with white skin tone.

And please ask me, “Don’t look down on whites because you are an Asian.”