You Should Know the Republic of Korea

You Should Know the Republic of Korea

iPhone 6, it is definitely a product aimed at Samsung.
The smartphone that the most people in the world use is Samsung Galaxy series.
It has higher revenue and sales than those of America’s Apple.
Apple has recently released iPhone 6 with a larger screen, following Samsung.
Apple users sneered at Samsung products first, saying
“what you’ve got to show is only the huge screen,”
But Samsung quietly dominated the entire world.
And Apple quietly copies Samsung.

From left: iPhone 4, iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6+

Apple must surpass Samsung.
One concern here is America’s protectionism for its own industries.
Only in the U.S. did Apple win the lawsuit against Samsung in the legal battle,
but it did not win any lawsuits against Samsung in any other countries in the world.

Ranking 110th in land size and 26th in population in the world, South Korea is 
home to global brands including Samsung, LG, Hyundai Motor, and Kia Motors.
It is such a small but a strong country, with its GDP being top 15 
and national competitiveness top 9!
It is also the country with the most widely spread and fastest internet in the world!
It is the country that is the closest to the future in the world!
Goldman Sachs chose South Korea to have the 2nd largest economy in 2050.

If you still… do not know well about Korea,
your knowledge level still has a long way to go.

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