Young-Ju Nam from KPop Star 3 Tops Naver’s Real-time Search Wordlist

Young-Ju Nam from KPop Star 3 Tops Naver’s Real-time Search Wordlist

Today, Young-Ju Nam took top on South Korea’s portal site Naver.
She is a participant of KPop Star 3,
the third season of a music audition program called KPop Star in Korea.

However, she was dropped out earlier as she did not get qualified the final top 8.
Why is she, then, ranked top on the real-time search word list of Naver?
This is because her comeback news has been spread.

She revealed a teaser to inform the release of her
official music download and her comeback.
A jacket photo showing her hot body behind shower curtains
drew huge public attention.

She has always been pretty.
It now seems that she has become sexier as
she joined an entertainment agency and released an album.
In Korea, music audition programs get quite high viewer ratings.
Sometimes they are much more popular than the winners.
KPop Star 3 ended, and KPop Star 4 is scheduled to start soon.
Currently, the sixth season of Korea’s original music audition program
Super Star K is ongoing.
As usual, people all around the world still challenge these audition programs.

* In Korea, a portal site called Naver,
which is native to Korea, shares 75% of the search engine market.
Yahoo could not settle in the domestic market and
withdrew its business, and Google takes less than 5%.