An Ebola Patient Appears in the U.S.

An Ebola Patient Appears in the U.S.

Aol.com featured an appearance of America’s
Ebola patient as the news on its first page.
The news title is
"US Ebola patient's family under quarantine as he faces criminal charges in Liberia."
With the first patient to be confirmed being diagnosed with the 
Ebola virus, USA Today and other presses reported on the 2nd that suspected 
cases with secondary infections were also found.
The fear on Ebola, which had been limited to Africa only,
now has the possibility to be spread throughout the U.S.,
where the highest number of the world population goes in and out and the
country with the 9th largest GDP per capita in the world.
In other words, the entire world is keeping eye on this situation.

Among the people who made contact with Thomas Eric Duncan (a Liberian national),
the first person to be infected with Ebola in the U.S.,
one new suspected case has turned out to be found,
although it has not been revealed whether that suspected case is
Duncan’s relative or an acquaintance.
Duncan, who entered the U.S. to visit a relative’s house
in Dallas from Liberia in West Africa on the 20th,
showed the symptoms of Ebola, was confirmed to have been infected
with the virus, and is now receiving quarantine treatment.

According to the report of the U.S. health authorities,
the number of people who made physical contact
with Duncan is 80 at most after doing an epidemiologic investigation,
and although there is no one showing the symptoms of Ebola, those people are
being monitored strictly in case.
America’s ABC broadcast reported that the U.S.
health authorities directed Duncan’s 4 relatives
to stop making contact with the outside and stay at home until the 19th.
Regarding the appearance of the Ebola patient, the White House claimed that
“it does not plan to put travel restrictions for blocking Ebola,”
and thus it is likely that Africans will continue to enter the U.S. for a while.

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