Full Korea, Information on Korea for Foreigners

Full Korea, Information on Korea for Foreigners

The following is the visitor history of Full Korea’s English blog (www.fullkorea.com).
It is based on a week, from October 13, 2014 to October 20, 2014.

Full Korea criticizes English-speaking countries
who undervalue Asian culture just because they are whites.
Full Korea also encourages them to remember that
Samsung and LG, and Psy’s Gangnam Style
are the true pictures of Korea, instead of only remembering the
excellence of Asian economics,
viewing the Nazi flag and the Rising Sun flag as the same,
and North Korea’s poverty and nuclear problem.

The majority of visitors to Full Korea is mostly from the U.S. and France.
Korea is not even in the ranking.
Information on Korea from English-speaking countries.
Instead of always being nice and kind,
we will propagate better contents to overseas
in order to awaken their lack of knowledge and ignorance.
Full Korea. We hope it helps Koreans become more confident in the world.

Maybe they have already gained confidence.

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