If You Visit Korea

If You Visit Korea

Korea is an Asian country between China and Japan.
It is the only divided country in the world.
Like Germany was divided into East and West Germany in the past,
Korea is currently divided into North and South Korea.

North Korea owns nuclear weapons, and is under Kim Jung-eun’s dictatorship.
It is not a regular capitalist country but is a socialist country.
The unique poverty of a socialist country is in North Korea.
Thanks to the uniqueness, the country has probably been often
introduced in English-speaking countries.
However, it is better-off than some extremely impoverished countries in Africa.
Its economic size ranks 70th in the world.

South Korea is a lot different from North Korea.
It has many global brands such as Samsung, LG, and Hyundai Motor.
Psy’s Gangnam Style swept the Billboard chart.
With the 10th strongest economy,
Korea is chosen as the second largest economy, next to China, in 2050.

If you visit Korea, you will visit South Korea, where I live.
If you visited Korea in the 1960s,
you could have lived pleasantly enough in Korea just because you are white.
Low living expense, Koreans who fell in white supremacy,
and students desperate to learn English,
Korea was a heaven to English-speaking whites in the past.
However, Korea looks down on ordinary whites these days.
They are just loud and uneducated foreign laborers.
They take the jobs that Koreans refuse to.
First, white people right now are poorer than Koreans.
They are loud, can’t speak Korean,
and still believe that having a white skin is a privilege.

If you are visiting Korea now, learn Korean,
If not, you will be treated as a “jobless who is too stupid to speak Korean 
and couldn't get a job in his own country.”
Korea is never friendly to white people from the U.S., U.K., Canada,
France, and many others.
This is because it has seen their stupidity long enough so far.