Korea is a bit more Fierce

Korea is a bit more Fierce

A country that has the fastest internet in the world,
where the largest number of people use smartphones,
change to new devices every 2 years,
where anyone can used the high speed wireless communication network LTE,
and where Samsung of electronic products, LG, Hyundai Motors,
and Kia Motors are from, is Korea.

Its total land area is only 109th in the world,
but it has the 10th largest economy in the world.
In the internet, automobile, and smartphone markets, Korea is ranked very high.
These industries have something in common as they are in speed competition;
they have to be safe but be fast at the same time.
Korea is the closest country to the future.
Electronic credit cards are used in every store and taxi.
Every citizen uses a smartphone, connects to the internet for over 2 hours a day,
and downloads a 2GB movie in 1 minute and watches it.
IPTV is already deployed commercially at home.

A CNN broadcast said that ‘if you are wondering what the future looks like,
get a flight ticket to Korea.’
Goldman Sachs picked China as the largest economy and
Korea as the second largest in the world by 2050.
If what “KOREA” reminds you are North Korea’s unstable situation,
nuclear war, a governing nation, and
if you know North Korea’s leader Kim Jung-eun but
not South Korea’s female president Park Geun-hye,
and if you do not know that the prices in Seoul are 
5% higher than those of New York,
then you are already falling behind.

Most Koreans have already arrived and been living in the future way ahead of you.

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