Observe Samsung Electronics’ Stocks Carefully

Observe Samsung Electronics’ Stocks Carefully

News about the collapse in Samsung Electronics’ stock
prices are coming up from both home and abroad.
The analysis that it is hard for them to drop further is
dominant in terms of valuation (Enterprise Value Evaluator).
On the 2nd, the shares of Samsung Electronics reached 1,141,000 won,
with a 1.3% drop from the day before.
This is the same figure as the record of the 52-week all-time low on September 24.
When the stock prices of Samsung Electronics dropped below
1.2 million won from September 2nd to October 2nd,
foreigners consistently bought the stocks in straight purchase
except for 3 business days.

Stock trading firms at home and abroad are carefully presenting an analysis that
because  the worries in performances in the third-quarter are
already reflected in the stock prices,
the price on book-value ratio (PBR) has reached
close to the low point and it will not drop further.
On September 30th, JP Morgan assessed that high-priced 
smartphones take up only 30% in
Samsung Electronics’ operating profits, 
which is much lower than that of Apple’s (70%).
It is the fact that the high-priced smartphone market has turned downward, 
but it is a bit too much to say that the stock prices have crashed due to this.
The stock prices of Samsung Electronics dropped 17% this year,
while those of Apple increased by 23.7% within the same period.

I cannot certainly say to buy the stocks of Samsung Electronics.
However, it is necessary to observe its stocks closely right now.
Also, the stocks of LG Electronics are also in the low ranks.
Korea has always enlarged its economic size,
and it surely plans to develop its economics until 2050.
Of course, the growth speed is slow compared to that of China and
developing countries in Southeast Asia,
but its stability is definitely on comparative average.

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