Poor America, Full of Complaints

Poor America, Full of Complaints

It has been proven that 7 out of 10 Americans feel anger
against the current situation in the U.S.
This means that 70% of Americans are discontent with their own country, the U.S.
It seems that the failure of economic recovery by
Obama Administration is the biggest factor.
Also, a lot of head-aching troubles,
such as the terrorism by the IS and the spread of Ebola,
are bursting out and are bothering the country.

In the meanwhile, China has taken the center of the world economy.
It actually beat the U.S. in terms of GDP,
which was officially reported by Financial Times, a daily newspaper, in the U.S.
142 years ago, the center of the world economy moved to the U.S. from the U.K.,
and the world has now admitted the movement of the center of the economy
from the U.S. to China.
There have been opinions now that Chinese Yuan should be used as the
world’s standard currency instead of the US dollar.

CNN and ORC, a public research institute, conducted a phone research
for three days from the 24th to the 26th to 1,018 American adults.
30% of Americans answered that they were “very angry,”
and 38% “quite angry” regarding the current situation in the U.S.
Instead of demonstrating wisdom to handle crisis, 
America is continuing the angry circumstance.

Poor America. Is there hope in the U.S.?
Why are Americans who got jobs in Korea not returning to the U.S.?

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