Popularity of Parody on Games: SNL Korea, GTA

Popularity of Parody on Games: SNL Korea, GTA

SNL is a comedy show that started to be aired from America’s NBC broadcast.
It sold its publication rights to a lot of countries throughout the world, and SNL Korea is being played through a cable channel in Korea.

For 2014 Brazil World Cup, which ended a while ago, SNL Korea aired a video.
It was a mix of GTA and Winning Eleven, and became popular.
GTA Winner, which parodied GTA Winning Eleven.
Watch the following video. (Video by: Youtube / Official SNL Korea channel)

During the first scene of the video, actors eat chicken and drink beer.
The main characters of a recent K-drama
“My Love from the Star” also eat chicken and drink beer.
The drama became very popular in China,
and “Chi Mac,” a chicken and beer set menu,
gained popularity as a new food item of the new generation.
Also, it is said that many Chinese began selling Korean style chicken and beer.
“My Love from the Star,” a drama aired on Korea’s SBS channel,
has been recorded as one of the most watched TV dramas on
iQiyi.com and letv.com, which are China’s online video website.
The drama is a great hit, as it has been viewed 14.5 billion times only on
iQiyi since it was first unveiled on the 12th.

In the final scene of the video, Korea’s soccer player “Lee Chun-soo” appears.
He is a member of Korea’s national soccer team, and demonstrated an
outstanding play during 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup.
Lee Chun-soo: Wikipedia information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Chun-soo

SNL Korea’s GTA Winner. It is one of the videos that drew
huge popularity in Korea.