Superstar K6, Korea’s First .. Best Music Audition Program

Superstar K6, Korea’s First .. Best Music Audition Program

Korea has many different music audition program.
K-Pop Star, which was aired SBS public broadcasting, had up to season 3.
Before that, Superstar K has been Korea’s first music audition program,
continuing the longest.
Its 6th current season is being played on Mnet, a music television channel.
At noon on October 13, ‘Superstar K6 Top 11 – Part 1,’
an album that has songs by Top 11 participants’
first stages of the live broadcast, was released for sale
throughout Mnet.com and other major music download websites.

The first live broadcast stage was held on Mnet ‘Superstar K6’
on last Friday night (11th).
It broke its own highest viewing rating and received high attention from the audience.

The 11 finalists of Superstar K6 are as the following:
Kim Feel – Foxstar – Jang Woo-ram – Burstered – Lim Do-hyeok – MICA –
Song Yu-bin – Lee Jun-hee – Brian Park – Kwak Jin-eon – Lee Hae-na.

Unfortunately, Foxstar band, consisting of high school girls’ who presented a
cheerful performance with their unique brightness, and a highly-talented female soloist
Lee Hae-na, who showed such a captivating performance,
were disqualified in the first live broadcast of Mnet ‘Superstar K6.’

The live mission songs of ‘Superstar K6,’ which is aired every Friday night at 11PM,
can be downloaded through Mnet.com and major music download websites
at noon every Monday, three days aftger the program is broadcasted.
The winner is determined about 40 days later.
The winner sweeps Korae’s all music and album charts.
The show is a broadcast, but is a reality.

official : http://superstark.mnet.interest.me

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